Healthy Lettuce Spreads over the Others: Thin it or Leave it?

Hi all,
As you can see on the pic, Leah my Green Lettuce is happy and healthy (I presume), but she’s spreading on top of the other two (Romaine and Sorrel). Sorrel and lettuce are 19 days old on this pic (today), and the romaine was sowed a few days later (to replace a faulty pod).
Question is, should I thin the Green Lettuce now on the sides to let the others grow peacefully. I read that it’s usually best to let the lettuce thrive, but what should we do when this happens?

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Hi @Morgaen,

Yes, it would be wise to harvest some of the largest outer leaves of green lettuce, so other plants would get enough light and have space to grow. If harvested as “cut and come again”, we recommend starting harvesting in about three weeks from the start but is nearly three weeks, so it is totally fine to start now for the sake of the other two pods :slight_smile:

Also, at this stage, it would make sense to add one lamp arm.

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