How to pollinate your plants

Ever wondered why your Tomato, Strawberry or Chilli Pepper has so little fruits? Lack of pollination usually results in few or no fruits.

To help blossoms pollinate, gently shake your plant or use a child’s paint brush to move pollen from one blossom to the next. By imitating the work usually done by the bees and the wind, you should begin seeing fruit in no time.


Apparently using an electric toothbrush to pollinate plants is very effective due to its micro vibrations just like bees :honeybee:

I’m goint to try this since tapping with my finger hasn’t worked all that great for me :smile:


Nice tip! Thanks

shaking, touching, blowing - they all work for me.
But using a paintbrush for pollinating your flowers is just cool.

Hello, how often are you supposed to pollinate your tomato plants.

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Hi @John1 ,

a couple of times per week seems to work just fine. Please also see the video above about pollination.

Mirjam M ,
Thank You , that makes sense.

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