Lavender leaves

My lavender now is 34days old, and are thankfully thriving! However, recently I spotted some burn marks from lavender leaves and ended up cutting them out… the tips from CG app suggest to use only one arm… in this case, should I start to plan for move my lavenders into just regular flower pots? They havn’t bloom yet…

Also is there any tips how to use lavender leaves for brewing tea?

Thank you :)!

Hi, @joann883!

If you want to keep your plants for longer, you can repot it. Lavender needs very good light conditions, so make sure that it get’s it to thrive.
Lavender tea is mostly made of flower petals, lavender leaves are more often used for cooking. In many recipes, lavender leaves can be used in place of fresh rosemary. Lavender leaves are often used in potato dishes, or include in marinades, herbal spice blends, or vinaigrettes. Remember to keep a light hand though, you can always add more, if needed.
Furthermore, your moss rose looks really good!


Thank you for your detailed tips for using lavender :slight_smile: I was thinking of brewing a cup of tea with the leaves, but instead will use it for cooking, then ;)! Just one more… would it be necessary to seperate leaves from stem to use? And dry it? Or without drying?

You’re welcome!
Stem has more woody texture so i prefer to remove the leaves before using.


Thank you ;)!!

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