Mold at base of Basil plant?

Our basil has been growing for about a month and a half. All has been well, refilling water when needed and it’s grown quite tall. Today I noticed some white near the base of the plant. Could anyone tell me if this is normal? Is it okay to consume with what I think is mold? I’m a first time user, this is our first plant.

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Hey @Sara_Rocha

Good to have you!
If the basil has grown tall I advise trimming it, it will grow more stems. Here’s a tutorial on how to trim basil:

Some mold can happen near the substrate, but that’s okay and does no harm. The plants can still be consumed. But of course, it’s good to give the herb a good rinse.

Here is a good article about mold

I recommend trying these two methods:

Gentle Removal: If mold or algae become particularly aggressive, you may gently scrape them off. Take care not to damage the plants or seeds in the process, as they should be fine to continue growing once the mold or algae is removed
Cinnamon Powder: As a preventative measure, consider adding a layer of cinnamon powder to the soil. This can help deter mold growth. Be careful not to get cinnamon on the seeds and plants, as it may cause damage.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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