Plastic cups alternative

I want to get started with my C&G Smart Garden 9 Pro, but I want higher-yielding plants, and the Pro Plastic Cups are unavailable. Can I use sealed mini (2.5 x 2.5") terracotta pots with small holes drilled for the roots to grow out in place of the Pro Plastic Cups? Thoughts anyone?

Hi @Sassy

We’ll have the pro-cups available again ASAP. They’re here to stay :partying_face:. But meanwhile as long it fits into the cup holes and has contact with water anything should do. Terracotta pots will do fine, just make sure the water level is over the bottom of the cups in the beginning. The water level can stay lower after the roots have started growing out of the pots. Another way is to attach the wicks to the bottom of the cups and it would work as a regular cup.

Many use plastic cups (2 inches), and terracotta pots should be around the same width. I have seen many pictures of cutting slits or holes into the plastic cups that came with the garden. But that would mean the cups are no longer closed and can make the growing a little bit messier than before. So the roots are going to be wild!