Transplanting with Pro cups

I want to transplant a few of my plants from the C&G to pots. I am using the Pro cups. Should I trim the roots before trying to remove the plant from the cups? Please advise. Thank you!

Hi @Sassy

Depending on the size of the roots, you can either pull them carefully out of the cup and before transplanting you can trim about 1/3 of the roots. If the roots have grown too sturdy and hard to get them out in one piece then feel free to cut them shorter. Some amount roots are in the cup too, so before planting just release the roots a little bit by pressing them loose with your hands.

After replanting make sure you give plants enough nutrients and water them more frequently in the first month or so.

What plants are you thinking of transplanting? :slight_smile:

Hope it goes well!


Thank you, @Debora. I will try that. I want to start experimenting with all different kinds of plants. I appreciate your suggestions.:blush:

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Sure, it’s so great to hear that! :crossed_fingers:

Some of the plants might not be useful for replanting, for example, lettuces but if you do it early enough they can benefit from outdoors and grow even bigger than in the devices. But lettuces (also peas, snapdragons, and petunias) are annual plants meaning it completes their lifecycle, from germination to the production of seeds in one growing season. Then the plant dies.

Mostly I’d advise repotting perennials or biennials (for seeds) - tomatoes, chillies, rosemary, sage, and strawberries (and so on).

If anything then feel free to ask. The forum members are here for you, as will I.