Transplanted pods died

Good morning. I transplanted my basil and a Snapdragon to regular pots and placed them in a sunny window. They were both thriving but within days after transplanting, they died and I can’t figure out why. I also transplanted 2 petunias which haven’t died but have not flowered, lavender which is also growing but not flowering and tomatoes which are producing wonderfully. I’m stumped as to what happened with the basil and Snapdragon. They just wilted away.

Hello @Newclickandgrow

It is great to have you!
Can you share any details on how you transplanted and into what substrate?
If you say they wilted away, I’m guessing they may suffer from water stress.

Transplanting will stress the plants greatly, if they can’t get over the shock then plants may die. Do you have any pictures of these?

Hope we can fix it.