The plants are supposed to live in the unit until their natural life cycle ends. However, if you wish, you can transplant them to a bigger pot and grow the plants like a regular gardener - add enriched soil mix and remember to water them. You will also need to remove all the plastic around it. The nutrients in the smart soil will last for 1 year but if you really want to transplant the plants, you should do it before their natural life cycle is up.

The plants in the Smart Garden generally last for about 2-6 months, depending on the plant.

Take the pods separately out from the unit. Remove the pod from its white plastic case - first remove the U-shaped lid, then the plastic cup and then put the plant (yes, the soil as well) in regular soil and in a bigger pot.


Calling all Polka Dot Plant lovers!
It’s time to repot this beauty. What kind of soil have you used to repot this plant?

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Usual houseplant soil works fine, pH should be around 6-7. Just make sure that your pot has drainage holes. Dot plant requires good lightning conditions- place it near the window or under the grow light to provide enough light.
Here is a blog post about repotting: Your Guide to Repotting Click & Grow Plants – Click & Grow EU

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Can I repot my basil? It’s gotten very tall and I can’t use it all.

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Sure, why not transplant your basil :slight_smile:

As basil is an annual plant it’s important to keep it from flowering by trimming, if it starts flowering the flavor turns bitter and it provides you less and fewer fresh leaves. So, it would be smart to trim it back anyways, even if you plan to transplant it.

My painted nettle started dying a week after repotting. They seemed to be just fine but in only a day time they started hanging. How can I prevent this in the future? It is the second time my plants died after repotting. I give them water when the soil starts to feel dry and they recieve a lot of light but not direct sunlight. They got even worse after I gave them water.

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Hi @FienDeCock , welcome to the community!

What you described might happen due to multiple reasons. Plants usually suffer from transplant shock and it may take a while until they get fully rooted in and established, as it is a major change for them to be lifted and planted into new conditions.

There are a few things to keep in mind while repotting, here’s a video how to repot petunia, in general same tips also go for painted nettle. The new pot needs to have drainage, so that excess water would not damage the plants. It may also help to trim it back a little.

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