How to determine when to pot?

A few weeks ago I potted a Madame Jeanette chili that I tried to grow in the CnG. It had flowered with a dozen beautiful white flowers but despite my best efforts at pollination it produced no fruit and the leaves started to brown. After potting it continued to wilt and I thought it might die, but now I noticed some new leaves are growing.

After that experience I decided not to wait, and potted my Adjuma chili before it grew too big or started to flower, in the hope of actually producing some fruit. It seems fine a week after transplanting, but it’s growing super slowly outside of the CnG.

My question is: when is the ideal time to pot the plant? What signs should I look out for?

When you transplanted the chilis, did you use a pot with a drainage in the bottom or put pebbles in the bottom for that purpose? It really helps so that the soil doesn’t get too wet and the roots drown. And after transplanting, the plant has to “rest” to recover from the trauma of transplanting. Then it will start growing again. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply Pat!

I ran out of pebbles so I didn’t use them this time but later in the spring I will re-pot outside on the balcony and I will add some pebbles.

Would you advise to transplant as soon as the “real” leaves grow, or wait until the plant is too big for the Click and Grow (like I did with the Madame Jeanette), or somewhere in between? That is what I’m wondering really, when is the optimal time to transplant?

So sorry I didn’t respond earlier. Couldn’t find my way back to this site. I transplant when they seem to have outgrown the cup or 2-3 months after starting when the nutrients have been used up in the pod. And this is really bad…I have transplanted when they were large enough to survive and I just wanted to start new pods.