Planting pods in flower beds

Can i plant flower pods into the flower beds in my yard after they’ve grown up?

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Hi @katem,

Sure, it is the best feeling if you can plant them outdoors and prolong their life!
Repotting should be done before flowering, so generally around 40 days of growth in the C&G device or after the growing period, when the blooms are spent. After flowering and transplanting they will need to gain some strength, but in a few weeks, they will start feeling better and eventually bloom a second time. Most of the flowers we offer are good for planting outside - Petunias, Calendula, Pansys, Snapdragons, Cockscombs etc. Early spring and fall are the best times for transplanting, and it is recommended to acclimate plants before planting them outside where the conditions are different from the usual home environment.

We have videos of repotting and you can use the same guidelines for planting outside - just be sure to water the plant for the first few weeks to initiate root growth and help to adapt to the new growing environment.
Here are some helpful videos if you are interested:

If you have more questions about specific flowering plant - ask away :wink:
Happy gardening!