Transplanting after harvest?

What are the best plants to be transplanted after harvest? Are there such plants that live only once?


Good question!
Quite many plants can be repotted after the life cycle of a plant pod (enjoy for) is done:

  • Salad greens aka edible greens: Red Kale (if the center growing point is healthy- depends on harvesting)
  • Herbs: if harvested correctly, Catnip, Thyme, Lemon Balm, Marjoram, Oregano, all Basils, Garden Sage, Hyssop, Rosemary,
  • Fruiting plants: all Chilies and Peppers, Wild Strawberry, Mini Tomato
  • Ornamental and flowers: Busy Lizzie, French Marigold, Spruce, Painted Nettle, Lavender, Polka Dot Flower

There is also a video how to transplant French Marigold to a larger pot, but plants can also be repotted to a greenhouse or a flowerbed.


Can you elaborate on “harvest correctly” ?

I think from my initial Basil plants, the right way to harvest is from the top… those big luscious leaves, must be the first to go. What does experience say?

For red kale you take off the outer leaves one by one.

For herbs harvesting leaf-by-leaf is rarely a good option. I would pinch the top part of the herb off.
Then the stem will produce 2 more stems from the nodes. That makes the plant bushier too.

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For Kale, it means you leave the tip aka growing point to grow. If the tip is cut off the plant will die.
Herbs like basils can be cut back strongly, by leaving just one pair of true leaves to grow. As @priit also said, that makes the plant bushier.