Small yellow spots on tomato leaves

Hi, I’m growing tomatoes in containers that I started from seeds. They’re 11 weeks old now (no fruit/flowers - also is that normal?) and the plant and stems look healthy but I noticed small yellow spots on some top leaves. I cut them off but they appear on other leaves now. Not sure what it is or what I should do to stop it. IMG_20190328_150213

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Maybe edema?

I’m not sure what it was but afterward I got leaf miner. I’ve been spraying neem mixed with soap on the leaves once a week for three weeks now. There is some new leaf growth but some of the new leaves also have damage possibly from leaf miner. I also saw a live caterpillar on a leaf the other day. I removed it and most infected looking leaves. I don’t know how long I should keep spraying them or if I should change the method of tackling this problem. Do you have any advice?