Spruce in store?

Why can’t I buy spruce? It’s listed as a click & grow plant but it doesn’t show up in the store. I would buy a click & grow just for growing spruce!!

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Hi @MaggieMargarita
I want to know this too, so I have put a ticket in with the helpdesk. I’ll feedback here, of course, once I get a response

Hi @DavidP - thx for your response. My apologies for bad etiquette (not posting this sooner) but I had put a ticket in already and the response was that they simply don’t sell them anymore. Apparently there were too many issues growing them. Isn’t that sad? I will keep looking for alternative solutions though and will let you know if I find something useful. Thanks and happy gardening!

Thanks for letting me know @MaggieMargarita. Yes, that’s terribly sad. I was looking forward to having some christmas trees! Oh well. If I come across anything alternative I’ll let you kno was well. Cheers.

Hi again. I don’t know where you are in the world @MaggieMargarita, but I have found spruce seed on Amazon (both .com and .co.uk) so I’ve ordered some ‘experimental’ pods, and I’ll try using those to propagate a few Christmas trees! (.co.uk also have some click & grow spruce still by the way!)

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Hello, I just saw this post and very curious how is it going with your spruce in CG garden? I’m also interested in growing spruce for next year Christmas :wink:

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