What happen and solution of Cornflowers

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Hi @Niko, welcome to the community!

What is your concern exactly?

There is quite a heavy germination rate in every plant pod. You may want to thin out some of the weakest seedlings and leave two to three seedlings in one pod. Then it would not be so growded in full size.

Hi! I have 3 pods of cornflower, since about 5weeks. But none have flowers. And I notice some leaves are weird in shape, as in they have edges ? The new ones growing out tend to be much thinner, the leaves fold inwards. Is this normal ? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @St3phy,

overall it looks healthy, first flowers should appear about 50 days after planting, so in your case, they should form a flower stalk very soon.
What is the temperature range? Cornflower does not tolerate higher temps than 24C, higher temps may cause leaves to fold.

Ah I see! My pods are about 50days old now, hopefully I will see some flowers soon. My indoor temp is usually about 25deg, except for the 8h at night where I off my ac, where it will be close to 28 degrees or so.

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