Pansy not sprouting?

I have a black pansy pod that’s almost a month old and still hasn’t sprouted. The tomato I planted at the same time is going crazy, the wild strawberry has a little sprout and is growing slowly. I read that pansies like dark to sprout so I put the pot in a mason jar and moved it away the light after the first 2 weeks or so, and it’s still not sprouting. My indoor temperature is a bit warm but the strawberry still sprouted, so do I just have a bad pod? Do I have to go through the entire pack of pods before getting a replacement?

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Hello @madcat

Good to have you. I hope I can be of assistance.

The horticulturists are making sure seeds are suitable to use without needing any extra steps. But if they did not germinate in 14 days in the garden and 14 after being in the dark I must believe there is some error in the seed itself. Bad pod most probably, yep.

Please get in touch with Support about ungerminated pods. Here’s the link to their request page.

Tomatoes grow better with warmer temperatures and will thrive indoors. I hope you have thinned your fruiting plants to one sprout only - both tomato and strawberry. This will ensure proper nutrient levels for the plants.

Happy growing! :four_leaf_clover:

I think your encouragement, plus the extra time in the dark, was just what my little pansy needed - I can finally see a tiny sprout! I only had one sprout from the strawberry so no thinning needed, and the tomato I only used one seed in a grow anything pod. It’s also in a mason jar in a pro pot and the roots are crazy! I replaced it with chives - they don’t need thinning, correct?

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Yay! So good to hear that.

Alright, then you should be all set. About the roots, you can trim them from time to time. Just not too much, about 1/3 of the length should be okay.

Chives do not need thinning, just let it all thrive. The more the better. You can also do multiple harvests of Chives.