Black Pansy


Hello gardeners!
I recently purchased the black pansy pod pack because they are my favorite flower and I was so excited when they were announced. However, I can’t find any mention of them on the website or in the plant tips. I’ve been holding off planting them because I’m not sure what these plants need specifically.
Thank you!

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That is quite interesting, Click and Grow has not launched Black Pansy … yet! Though, it has been in testing…

Where did you buy this pack, could you add a pic of it, please?

I’m sure we can help out with some good tips if we know more about the Pansy you have there :slight_smile:

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I bought it on Amazon…

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I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now… lol

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oh you must be the lucky first!

Black Pansy:

  • Sprouts in two weeks
  • Expect to see first flowers approximately five weeks after planting.
  • Use the little black flowers to garnish your dishes.
  • Black Pansy generally requires very little care - just remove withered flowers to promote the growth of new ones.
  • Black Pansy is a heat sensitive plant. Germination and growth is inhibited if the average temperature reaches 30C (86F).

I hope you find this helpful.

Please let us know about the process if you start the pods!


Thank you for the info @Mirjam !
It’s really exciting that I have them first! Lol They’re my favorite flower! As soon as a spot opens up in my garden, which should be in about 2-3 weeks, I will post regular updates and photos!

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Thank you @AFrench13 that would be awesome!


I could not be happier to post this photo for you guys. I, just 5 minutes ago, planted my very first (and the first EVER) BLACK PANSY REFILL POD!!!
the voices in my head cheer loudly
I live in beautiful, sunny, (though often on fire) Southern California. The weather here is always relatively warm. During these winter months the temperature hovers around 65°f during the day and lows of 50°f ish at night.
Pansies have always been my favorite flower and I was so jazzed about them coming out that I somehow recieved them early. I will be posting more photos here as things change with the pod.
Thank you guys!

Happy Holidays and Happy Planting! :black_heart:


Hello C&G,
I have made a silly mistake. I didn’t label my Black Pansy or my Lemon Balm before I played ‘musical plants’ and switched them all around. I do this to ensure that all the plants have the most possible light and room to grow. These are the two pods that were planted at the same time. One of them has sprouted a tiny green dude. One of them is doing nothing yet. :woman_shrugging: Not sure which is which. Lol
Thanks guys!


Hahaa it seems you have started a little game in your SG9. :smiley:


So after digging around gently in the empty pod, I realized that it might just be that. Empty. I didn’t see any seeds or anything that looked like it was going to sprout. The pod that sprouted already, I have determined is the Lemon Balm based on the shape of the tiny leaves. I went back into my pod pack for the black pansy and I did find 2 seeds stuck to the film. I have just finished transferring them into the empty pod and I will post updates as soon as any exist. :slight_smile:


…and Black Pansy is now officially available!

Limited quantity, of course :wink:


I have a sprout!


It looks a bit like the small sprout is in the shadow. If possible change the location of the plant cup and put it into a hole that has better access to light (smaller plants next to it). If that’s not an option, rotate the plant cup so the seedling would be exactly under the light and not in the shadow. :slight_smile:


So how is your black pansy holding up? Planted one today:)


Just got my first flower yesterday!!!


Is the plant any bigger now? Can u send some pics.

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I have lots of beautiful purple flowers and I only see more and more sprouting.


That plant pod really looks amazing!

Did you know that the flowers are edible and can be used to garnish cold drinks, deserts or even salads?


Wow are there always this much flowers?