Which soil to use for transplanting

Can you share what type of soil I should repot yellow tomatoes and lavender into? Would regular potting mix do (in Singapore where it’s humid and hot). Or should I mix in sand? Thanks.

Usually a soil for fruiting plants works well and is nicely fertilized.

regular potting soil will do just fine.

Just, it is important to keep in mind how much nutrients there are in the soil. It is usually marked on the package for how long nutrient lasts.

If organic or slow release plant food needs to be added, it is best if it is mixed in prior the plant is replanted. Just keep in mind not to exceed recommended levels- as excess plant food may kill the plant.


Less fertilizer is always better than more!
I fertilize my ordinary houseplants max 2 times a year. It is very easy to overfertilize.


Yes, for rooting less plant food is always better.
@priit How do you feed your plants? Which type of fertilizers do you prefer?

I personally use liquid fertilizers for fruiting plants. In all situations. It may not be the most efficient option, but it works for me. And I try to avoid very high nitrogen levels for houseplants.

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