Accessing Data on the App - for backup and projects - home automation etc

Hi there! I’m wondering if there’s a way to backup, download, or access my plant data on the app? I currently have 9 gardens going and would love to see a CSV file or better yet, is there API access available?


Hi Adrienne,

As of this moment, there is no way to obtain plant data directly from the app. It is nice to hear that there is interest in connecting the gardens with Smart Home electronics. Is it the main reason why would you like to access data?
We used to have the option to see the growing history of the gardens before. Is it something you would benefit from?

Happy growing


I will definitely keep you updated as the project progresses - and yes, it’s a smart home IoT related project to track the water levels, room temp, room humidity, etc. I’d love to be able to see the growing history for my own records - and depending on how the data is, it might be enough to help me make decisions in the future. At work we use historical data for decision making, so it would be fun to have the option at home!

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I guess if you would make an open source app or even close source one just for smart garden tracking in general, there would be a market. The click and grow app seems to be not really developed further, there are plenty of suggestions and bug fix requests…. But we’ll… what does someone in Any field says? Never touch a running system.