Are pea pods edible?

I am growing some dwarf peas, when I harvest the peas do you cook the entire pod or remove the peas and cook those? Are the pods edible?

The pods are maturing at different rates, I assume there’s no harm in eating slightly underdeveloped ones, but I understand the more mature pods will lose their sweet taste?

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Hi @surfsquid,

Good choice, peas are one of my favourite things to grow.
Correct - it is all edible.
I usually use them up when they are slightly undeveloped because the sweetness and crunch is there! Or harvest in multiple stages as you wish.
When pods are left too long on a stem they start to go yellow and the texture changes to fibrous, best to use them up before.

Happy growing!


Thanks so much for your help! Think I’ll make a stir fry tonight then :smile:

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