How to know when to harvest pea

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My peas are growing well (I think).
May I know when to harvest? I pressed them, it seems hard.

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Hi @St3phy

for some reason, the picture you added does not open.

But, the dwarf pea is usually ready to harvest in about 4 to 5 weeks after planting the pod. If the pod is full don’t let it age- that may change the sweet flavor to bitter.

Can u see now?

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yes, thanks.

The pods seem a bit thin and probably the peas inside are yet tiny. I would give it another week to mature.

Thanks for the advice! Means once I could feel that they are fat in the pods, hard when Prees, I shall harvest them ya?
Btw I don seem to see any new flowers lately. After I harvest this round of peas, unlikely I will see another round ? Cos I rem my tomatoes plants keep flowering, even after I harvest

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Harvest them whenever you feel they are full.

Unfortunately, the dwarf pea is a fast-growing annual plant and degrades after providing the harvest.

Does it look full grown? So excited omg

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It definitely looks full-grown, I hope it hasn’t lost its sweet flavor.