Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

A 9 for my parents and 3s for our adult children to enjoy with our little grandchildren.
Our grandson was so excited for his outdoor garden last summer then disappointed when bugs and slugs got most of it. Shouldn’t be an issue indoors!


Aw so cute how old is the grandson


4 years old. We have a lot of slugs here on Vancouver island and them and the ants got into his strawberries


How about some flowering pods like Petunia? They will make the room colorful :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s smart I am pretty sure they are poisonous

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Maybe sprinkling some diatomaceous earth around the garden and plants. We’ve been using for years, even sprinkling doorways to keep insects from crawling inside. Use food grade! Not the stuff that gets used in pool filters or any that says 97% diatomaceous earth (what’s the other 3%?)

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Happy New Year guys! Thanks to C&G my living room is a bit colorful this winter :slight_smile: