Can I plant a new pod when rest are still growing

I’m new to this type of gardening and I have the garden with 9 pods. What happens when plants grow at different paces? If one dies or is done, can I had a new pod while other plants are still growing? Do the other plants overshadow the new one?



it is common that some plant pods mature faster and some last for longer. It is recommended to use only one set of lamp extension arms, so plants that should be trimmed- actually need trimming to maintain their height (follow the plant care instructions). If you continue to do that, you would (mostly) not experience overshadowing and may easily replace individual plant pods in succession, so you would have something to harvest constantly.
Also, it is very to easy re-position plant cups to your liking, because every plant pod has its own root space and the roots are not tangled in the water tank.