Can't separate float halves

Hi. My float had water in it. I tried and tried to separate it, using the video. It won’t and I’m afraid to use a knife blade or some such thing for fear of breaking it. I can’t order a backup with the shipping charges so high. I’ll wait until I order new pods and then get my replacement wicks and perhaps a new float. Meanwhile, in my efforts, I pressed the sides such that most of the water drained out. That’s fine but I’d surely like to clean the inside. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Be safe.

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear about your float!

That can sometimes happen as the float consists of two separate parts. The reason why float is starting to let in water is usually over-watering or putting the float underwater to clean it. We luckily have a quite simple solution for the float. The two halves come apart. It takes some amount of strength to do it but it is possible. Just put some pressure near the line between the two sides and try to separate them. Please feel free to take out the float and try to wash it under warm water. Sometimes there is scale build up due to hard water and the float gets stuck. Scrubbing it under warm water and using soap should help.

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I don’t know what I did differently but last time I had it out, I was able to separate the halves quite easily. And I’m happy to say the interior of the float was clean. I appreciate the help. Is there a way to mark the topic closed?

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