Chili pepper varieties

I would like to ask if there is any documentation regarding the exact variety of the available chili peppers. For example, there are pods with “yellow chili peppers”, but there are many types of yellow chili peppers, such as aji cito and aji habanero. Is this information available?

Thank you in advance.

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unfortunately, we can’t give you the variety of the chili, but based on the info given on the product page the Yellow Chili Pepper heat level of fruits is 30 000 to 50 000 on Scoville heat units, similar to cayenne and tabasco.

If you are interested in growing aji cito or aji habanero types, I would recommend using your own seeds and planting them into Grow Anything plant pods optimised for fruiting plants and combining them with pro cups that allow the roots to grow more freely which is crucial for plants that have long growing cycles, just like chilies are.

I hope you find this helpful