Cilantro and Dill struggling - flies or disease

I need a bit of help identifying what’s going on with some of my plants. The main symptoms are my dill is yellowing and as you can see the cilantro is withering and the leaves look burned. A few things to note.

  1. Both the yellowing of the dill and withering of the cilantro started around the same time(about three weeks ago).
  2. Upon investigation I did notice the unit was very low on water so I filled immediately.
  3. The cilantro is a “bring you own seed” creation. Everywhere was out cilantro or wanted an insane price for the pod. Essentially, I picked the seeds from another dill pod out with tweezers and replaced with my own cilantro seeds.
  4. I see small flies or gnats on the plants (up to three at a time). I can only attach one photo at a time, so I’ll attempt to post a picture of the fly/gnat in a subsequent post. In the interest of providing all the data, I only see these insects when the light is on, and have see them in other areas of the house. I think they may just be attracked to the light, as I cant seem find where they are comming from if their origin is the click & grow.
  5. New growth will begin on the cilantro and wither shortly after it sprouts. While the dill just appears to be growing slower than in the past.

I really hate to trash all the plants as my cucumbers from my outside garden are nearly here and we will be needing a lot of dill.
Thanks and I appreciate any advice.

Here is the picture of the gnat/fly that I found in the click & grow. Just to reiterate I cant find their origin, see them in other areas of the house. This picture was taken after I gent smack it and it could fly any longer.

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Hi @KevinM and welcome to the community!

Yes, indeed, it appears you have fungus gnats living in your smart garden. Their larvae may harm the roots of the plants, but at the same time, they are the most innocent pests you can have. You can get rid of them if you simply throw out all plants with the soil and carefully clean the garden, including the water tank.

About the plants. Dill and Coriander are both fast yielding/short living annual herbs. It is quite important to keep the “lasts upto date” in mind and harvest in time. Once they have reached the date- it does not produce more yield and starts bolting or degrading, unfortunately. Such plant related info is available on the package, on the website and also on the app.

Do you know which Coriander cultivar did you use? There are two kinds of cultivars: cultivars to produce leaves and cultivars to solely produce seeds (much less leaves on the plant). The carefully selected cultivar that Click and Grow uses is for leaves.

If you really need to clean your garden to fight fungus gnats, one option is to harvest your dill now, cut it into usable size and freeze it until needed. It will be just as fresh like this.

I really hope you find this information useful.

Thanks for the helpful tips. I spent some time yesterday investigating the other plants I have in the house. I am almost certain I found the culprit and it is another houseplant which has been put outside. Since then I have keeped an eye on the click and grow and have not seen any gnats. I am going to monitor for the next few days before I claim victory. I think they might have been attracted to the lights.

Regarding the age of the plants. All of the plants were planted in mid april so they are fairly younge. I have had success growing corriander/cilantro outside so I think I’ll start my next batch there and retry in the fall.