Fungus gnats

It appears that my click & grow unit is infected with fungus gnats. I first noticed them as my cilantro was wilting and dying. I’ve thrown my cilantro pod away now. Currently, they seem to be attracted to both of my chilli plants and I’ve set up multiple sticky traps to get rid of them but there’s still a handful flying around. Any suggestions on what I should do further to eliminate them completely? I recently planted 4 new pods and would hate to have to throw those away.

Hi! I started reading about this because it seems like it’s a common problem for C&G growers. Have you moved any of your developed plants to larger pots with drainage? I think that gives an opportunity to control the moisture & gnat larvae in the soil (yuck, just typing that is gross). I plan on doing that when the plants are developed. I thought this site had good ideas:

I had those and used a mixture of two table spoons of Dawn liquid soap and two tablespoons of any cooking oil… Mix that in one gallon of water. Put it in a squirt bottle and squirt the leaves and soil every few days. It wont hurt the plants and i got rid of those nats immediately. I maintain it every few days with a squirt of that formula… It kills them on contact.