Dill plant turning dark green with a hint of blue

I currently have two dill plants in my 9 pod c&g. One of the plants has changed color to a darker green and almost looks blue. It’s been about a week now.

There is also no new growth. If I learned anything from gardening is that the plants tell you when there is a problem and the problem is likely to spread if you don’t do something. Both plants are probably 9-10 weeks old. Anyone have and ideas what might be going on?

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Hi @KevinM

Thanks for sharing!
Dill should be harvested within 8 weeks, as it is a fast-growing annual herb. For every plant pod, a suggested lasts up to date or harvesting time is given to achieve the best yield and highest level of nutrition. You can find it on the package or on the product page at clickandgrow.com.

Fortunately, I can’t see any pests or organic disease on your dill, only that the pod is assumingly aged in a smart garden and you may have slightly missed the best time to harvest. There isn’t much to suggest that you could do for the pod to improve it.

Though, blue shades on dill suggest that it might be a nutrition problem for this dill plant pod, as the leaves and stems are somewhat thinner compared to the healthy dill pod next to it. It means it might be a faulty pod (possible faulty fertilizer dosage) and possibly should be replaced for free, please consult with the support team.

Thanks for the insight. I suspect it is a nutrition problem as well. Since the plant is a goner I might experiment with some fertilizer and the roots to see if I can find an answer. I’ll report back if I find a conclusive answer.

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