Dill does not smell or taste

My dill has no discernible smell or taste. It looks like the right color but it is a little floppy. Please help

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Sorry to hear that @Npeters
Could you add the age of your plants and a picture, so we could see what may have gone wrong?

We’ve had the same issue. This is the 2nd time around, and the dill has now reached its maximum age and never developed smell nor taste.

We were waiting for it to develop some smell to harvest, but nothing happened. First time around, we harvested it, but only a few had a dill feel. We thought we had bad luck and tried again, but same results.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Hi Redoschi

Dill is such a staple herb in cooking and it is sad to read about these results.
Could you tell me a little bit more about this concern? Or could you add a picture of the plants or your set-up?

We recommend harvesting the whole plant approximately 30 to 35 days from planting, for the best quality and flavour. Plants are part of nature and many factors can stress them out, as a result of which they might be losing their aroma or degrade. For example, it could be overwatering, so if you could send any more information about it I’d be happy to help.

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