Why is my cilantro yellow/red and shivering?

My cilantro was going strong but its starting to have some yellow strands and this one even has some red? My other plants are all doing well and I keep up with watering.
Anyone know why?


Hi @Kat.mcgovern92,

Sorry to see that. It seems your coriander is showing some signs of aging, possibly prematurely. How long has it been growing?


Oooh I guess it is starting to get up there. It’s at day 50/60. As long as it’s just aging that is cool. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t getting sick or something like that.:slight_smile:

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My cilantro was growing well for a month and then started wilting and the outside of the leaves started to brown and shrivel. My basil started doing the same thing a week later. My seed pods are fairly old, would that be an issue.


Hi @emredbug, welcome to the community!

yes, cilantro may be sensitive sometimes even to the slightest change, this is why sometimes it is difficult to tell exactly what is bothering it.

If it is still far from two months of age, remove the affected leaves. Make sure you remove the leaves in full length. Here’s a video how to harvest cilantro in two ways. By doing so it will be neater and the center of the plant will receive more light and that, in turn, will promote new healthy growth.