Collecting seeds from Click & Grow

Hey! If I want to collect seeds from my Click & Grow garden. Which plants give a good success rate?

I would say that The French Marigold, Mini Tomato and Chili Pepper are the easiest to start with.
What do you think @Mirjam ?


Seeds can be collected for personal use only, it is actually very good idea, but takes a lot of patience. Also, it is very important to pollinate carefully- so that plant would not produce “empty” aka non-viable seeds that will not germinate. Moreover, the progeny may have totally different look than the original plant has. E.g. flowers grow much taller with different colour. Fruiting plants also may have a yield quite different/new. :wink:

I would add Petunia to your list.

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Does romaine lettuce flower and how long to wait till it does? How to obtain the seeds? I’ve tried to get answers from C&G local group but nobody seems to have their plant still alive at the first signs of bloom. Their plants died soon after that stage.

I think lettuce is difficult. @mirjam can tell you more.
But busy Lizzie can ba a cool plant to get seeds from. It has explosive seed-pods.:wink:

It would probably take at least three months for Romaine lettuce to bolt (this means growing a flower stalk and going to seed) and some more time to produce viable seeds. If it is too warm for a lettuce pod to produce leaves it will probably happen faster. But, usually the pod gets eaten before it can do that. :joy: and maybe the plants die off for other people because they accidentally cut of the growing point of the plant?
Also, bolting lettuce plant is quite ugly and tall. Lettuce seeds are cheap and I would grow and collect seeds of heirloom cultivars only.


Does the painted nettle give seeds? If so, what will the colors of the plants be? Can I get a new leaf color pattern?

Painted Nettle also has flowers, though it is a leaf-ornamental plant. Probably you’ll get a mixed up progeny, maybe even a new variation of colors!?
If anyone cares to have more plants of it- it would be smart and a lot faster to take some cuttings and put them in a glass with some water- it will grow roots in a week! So easy to cultivate new plants in a short time.

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This is such a cool idea! What other plants could I multiply like this?

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my granny taught me that (nice to learn something useful from elderly). I know that Basils work that way too. But I prefer collecting seeds myself, my family still have heirloom tomato cultivars that has been recollected every year.

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