Help needed identifying my plant(isn’t what I had ordered)

So I ordered a red basil plant and put 1 pod in SG3.

Well, after a fairly long time(about 12 to 17 days in December) I had a sapling. Now, it’s growing quite well, with the plant having oblong, sweet smelling leaves. The taste is quite sweet as well. However, it looks nothing like red basil.

So if anyone would be kind enough to help identify it, I would be very grateful. TIA

Hi @Samus,
the plant you have replanted seems to be Lavender.

Are you sure you did not have Lavender in your order?



Hi Mirjam,

I wish it was but no, it isn’t. I ordered lavender and they are planted side by side (it’s the plant on the right).
But yes, it is quite close to Lavender in the way it looks.
Would a day time photo help? I’m referring to the plant in the middle.