HomeKit automation for the Garden?


I know the Smart Gardens have their own build in timer and there is even a version that offers Bluetooth support to control the light… But did anyone already tried to integrate a Smart Garden into HomeKit?

Our unit is located in a room that is not perfect for constant bright light. So the current idea is to switch it off and on as we go. (I know not perfect and won’t make the most out of the whole experience).

The current idea is to use some sort of HomeKit automation to check what the situation in the house is and then switch on the light automatically or off when it is getting sleeping time and we don’t want to annoy the neighbours with a bright light on.

So long story short, anyone with some experience with that type of setup and how to make the most out of that?

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So little update here.

I am using the HomeKit automation now for 2 months and I am actually quiet happy with it. I setup the timer that the “Off” would come after the internal timer would switch off. And I can watch those plats growing.
But the more important part for me is that I can use the same triggers that I use for other parts of my automations.
This avoids situation where the garden is switching on and make the home a bit uncomfortable with the very bright and cold light. Which can be especially annoying when you are half asleep anyway and in desperate need for a coffee.
Or when I want to have a nice movie night where I need a more cozy light.

Simplified setup that I use. One of the smart plugs of a german discounter chain, combined with a Raspberry Pi and the Homebridge software. This allows me to control the garden from the phone.
Since it is ultimately controlled via HomeKit, it should also work with plugs from other manufacturers (as well as other platforms such as Alexa).

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