Hose Pipes

Hi, I’m a GCSE student and i’m currently doing a project on garden hoses - where i am aiming to create a hose which uses rainwater and has an automated function when the air temperature gets to a certain point.

Anyway - i have been searching online for some facts and information on hoses - but can’t seem to find much. wondering if you answer a few questions:

Do you think hoses use up to much water?

How much would it cost for an hour of watering with a hose?

We snake soaker hoses through and around the garden so the roots get water and not the leaves. How long we turn them on for depends on how hot and dry it is. Sometimes we leave them on for 1/2 hour and other times we run them an hour. Sometimes every day and other times it could be 2 or 3 days before we turn them on again. As for the cost, our water bill every 2 months goes up and down depending on how many family members are doing visiting and doing laundry too. Would you be using a rain barrel to capture the rainwater and have the hose coming from there? An automatic on/off would be great but not sure why the air temperature is important. It can be 74 degrees and dry for days where we need to water. And 94 degrees with rain every other day. Interesting project.