Wondering if the garden would survive my Basement

Greetings, i would like to have it seem that i can keep more than myself alive so this interests me…

On the other hand i live in a basement and the conditions are dire (for plants). Was wondering if ANYTHING would grow with the conditions below. Also if possible what flowers are most likely to survive given the conditions.

  1. Temp (Celsius): 5 - 15
  2. Humidity : 30 - 50
  3. Natural sunlight : none ( actually no windows in the room )


Why wouldn’t you be able to grow the whole point of the Smart garden is to grow in places that you can’t grow

Because nothing in this world “just works”. also just got a message from the FB staff basically said:

  1. No Sunlight is fine.
  2. Plants enjoy temperatures around 22-26’C
  3. Humidity 40-60

If anyone can provide experiences growing stuff in 5 - 15*C indoor temp; il be happy to try and follow.


try arugula and oriental salad greens. They know how to appreciate somewhat colder temperatures.