Instructions for 3 pod

Hello. I just received my Click & Grow three pod, & all three pod plants are growing but I did not receive any instructions in the box. I removed the clear done when the plant leaves were almost touching the top of the done. When do I remove the white top to allow the plants to spread out & when do I add the light extensions? Thank you

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You do not remove the u-shaped white lids.

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Sorry to hear your smart garden 3 came without the manual.

You may find this setup video helpful.

Also, you can download the manual here.

For plant information please visit the product page, or use the Click and Grow app. Once you register your garden and add plants to it you’ll receive additional timed tips to basic plant care, that you can also follow under the plant catalog.

Happy growing!

Thank you I thought you would remove the white top so the plant could get more bushy. I am thrilled to see my plants getting bigger but I won’t remove that top.

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Thankyou I read the instructions & have ordered more plant pods. I have to feed my parrot fresh fruits & vegetables her species can not eat a seed diet, & being able to grow my own fresh veggies, devoid of pesticides is a big bonus.

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This is quite interesting that you use CG to grow veggies for your parrot. What kind of veggies can she have? Is there anything in the plant selections that you would definitely need for your parrot, but isn’t available today?

Scarlet can have most all vegetables we eat but not corn it makes her wing flip. (Thats when she flips her wings fast, sounds like you are shaking out or flipping a tablecloth very fast). She likes sprouted multiple seeds. I don’t see sweet bell peppers in a pod, but there are so many others Scarlet can eat I will have fun growing these for her & have ordered three more different pods.

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