Is this a rosette or no?

I am a newbie gardener and acquired this rose(when buying home ), and I don’t know it’s history . The leaves on it now seem very different and crowded and not natural . It does produce flowers still . Some leaves have powdery mildew like discoloration too . What could it be ? Or is it normal ?

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Hi @Sangyrak,

It could be indeed powdery mildew on your roses. As it seems that the whole plant is affected, I suppose it is not feasible to remove affected parts to cure it.
One option is to get a fungicide from the gardeners center. If you prefer a more nature-friendly option, make a solution of 7gr baking soda, 7 gr of soap to 1 litre of tap water and spray it on the plants, repeat it multiple times. This home remedy should also help.

Next time avoid bringing diseased or affected plant pods indoors, as it may easily spread onto your indoor plants growing in a Smart Garden.

Hello @Mirjam . Thank you so much for answering. Nice to know its probably powdery mildew and to know the whole plant might need fungicide. If I were to look for fungicide in gardener’s center, is there a brand that you will recommend, as I have not bought one earlier to know about all of them ? If recommending brands/products is not allowed , then I totally understand it too .

Glad to know there are home remedies I can try as well.

Thanks !

Hi @Sangyrak , the brand depends on where you are located and what is allowed to use for hobby growers, it’s difficult to suggest anything specific from our end.
I would try out the home remedy first and if that does not reduce the infection contact professional help.