Help with wilting Strawberry

Hi all! I am helping a little problem with my strawberry plant. It was doing well until two days ago. The leaves are all droopy and it looks sickly overall. This was a stark contrast to it being perky a week ago.

And this is how they look like now:

A background on this – about three days ago I discovered an infestation of gnats. I sprayed the pots with 3% hydrogen peroxide and emptied my CG9 tank. I have decided to let the pods dry off a little for a day (about 12 hours) before refilling the tank. The gnats are largely gone (though one stubborn one is still hiding in the strawberry pod) and the rest of my plants appear to be doing well (expect my Red Hot Chili Pepper plant too – all the leaves fell off, for some inexplicable reason black spots appeared – I got rid of that). Up until this point the strawberry plant was perky but within two hours of refilling the tank, it started drooping, and it seems to be getting worse.

I am unable to tell if it is really not doing well. Some new flower buds are appearing but the leaves just look like it is about the give up. I checked the roots too – these appear to be short and are not growing into the media.

Is there a way to salvage this? Or just let it be? Most appreciative for any suggestions!

It was what you used I did this once and the same thing happened

Thanks Max for pointing that out. Did the plant healed in the end?

They did not but I used a different “healthier” 100% natural syrum

Looks like plants should have been replanted, since the have grown thing and long.

Are the strawberry plants supposed to be transplanted? I live in a very warm climate and am concerned the excessive heat will kill them if I put them outside. They have been growing but all flowers produced dried berries. Please help :frowning: