Some leaves are getting brownish

Parts of the strawberry are drying and some of the red pepper are getting brown.
The red pepper and the strawberry are 76 days old.
The place is warm and Water seems ok but after a week end the water was very low and I’ve refilled when coming back.
Any feedback on this ?

I would t be too concerned about the brown part.
We f it gets more, now that you refilled the water, then yes…
The pods don’t have a lot of volume to stay in the right level of moist. Over watering is easy and so is under watering. If it is very hot (lot of water gets evaporated) and you have large plants already (who also need a lot of water) it can easily happen that they fall dry and leaves get brown.
They will stay brown even after giving them the right amount of water again. But new leaves should come out soon again and stay nice and strong.