Leaf Radish curling/drooping

Hello. I am new to gardening and Click and Grow. I have one smart garden 3 and two smart garden 9, second hand but working well. I bought pro pods and pods from C&G. Also read up a lot here (and in the Facebook group!)

The Leaf Radish I set up on 25 October in a Pro pod and it sprouted QUICKLY. Then the leaves started curling and I read up here that it is normal. But today it is drooping as well, the outer leaves touching the garden.

Ambient temperature is about 29 to 30 Celsius and I have a ceiling fan simulating a breeze as well.

Not sure what I can/should do?
angled view and top down view

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Hello @rgal7

It’s good to have you growing, nice setup! Everything looks vital and healthy.

Salad and leafy greens are usually cold-weather crops and can’t withstand warmer temperatures over 24°C. They do well in temperatures: 18 - 24 °C / 64 - 75 °F. I think leaf curling is a response to high temperatures but it’s nothing to be afraid of, as long as the plants look decent there is nothing you can do. Higher temperatures around smart gardens can make plants grow faster and therefore they also mature faster.

Leaf radish is one of the quickest growers from the C&G selection. It is the quickest sprouter and harvesting should be done before 4-5th week because as the plant ages, the leaves get sturdier and hairier and unpleasant to eat. Start harvesting bit by bit as soon as the real leaves show (the same serrated leaves on the pics).

Air fans will do good for green growth. Some drooping leaves from time to time are normal to have.

Happy growing :leafy_green: :sparkles:

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