Rainbow chard - Leaves are curling and wraping

Hi. My Chard has started curling and warping. Is it a sign?

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Please suggest what is to be done ? why could they be curling - They have been planted sometime in the 1st week of Nov.

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Hi @Manisha

Thank you for sharing your experience with Rainbow Chard.

Curling leaves for Chard is usually harmless and sometimes occurs when the temperature, water and/or light ratio is somehow not balanced. It is not harmful, and it is not likely a disease- and this one leaf can be picked off. As it has been growing for three weeks already first leaves can be already harvested according to plant care instructions that you can find on the app or on the product page.

Another interesting thing about Rainbow Chard is that it is actually a mix of different chard cultivars and some e.g. white chard may be somewhat more sensitive than others. If you look more closely you’ll see how different all the plants in one pod actually are- this is also why it’s called a rainbow.

Let us know if there are any other unexpected changes.

Thanks Mia :slight_smile:

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