White stuff around Green chard

Hi There, I just noticed some white stuff around the green chard. Its 19 days old today. Any idea what this is? Should I maybe take some leaves off?

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Hi @goodfood,

the white stuff around the plant base is mold. It is harmless and has no effect on how the plant pod is performing for you.
The first aid is to scrape it off and sprinkle some cinnamon powder on it. You can read about it more here.

Your green chard looks really good though, is it nearly time to harvest it?

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Hi Miriam!
Thanks for those tips! I did end up scrapping it off gently and also added cinnamon, really good.
With Green chard I have already taken out the outer leaves and its fantastic :smile: had already quite few leaves added to our salads and omelettes. so so happy

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Good to hear that! :green_heart:

I also like chard a lot. Not many people knowledge that chard is an excellent substitute to spinach and so easy to grow.