Leaving for a week - is it safe to keep C&G on?

Hi, I am leaving for a holiday for a week and I wonder if it’s safe to keep the C&G on when nobody will be at home that long? The plants are growing nicely and I wonder what’s better: 1/ switching the machine off and keep them in the daylight or 2/ keeping it on.

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Hi @Karo, welcome!

You should keep the lamp ON while you’re on your holiday, just make sure you fill the tank and move it away from direct sunlight- this way you can make sure there will be enough water for your plants.

I was once away for two weeks and I had week-old lettuce seedlings growing while I was leaving. I filled the tank and once I got back I had the first harvest ready and also still some water left in the tank, which was around 23 C temperature. Worked like a charm.

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Hi @Mirjam,

I’m also going to be away for a little more than a week. What about temperature? I definitely don’t want the heating to stay on while I’m gone.

All the best,

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Thanks @Myriam! In this part of the world there is almost do direct sunlight now so I guess it can stay on the kitchen window sil. I am still considering to find a “sitter” for the machine, though :smiley: Someone who will be excited to see my plans grow but without eating them! :smiley:

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Hi @mczernin

Some plants may be more sensitive to low temperatures than others, some will do just fine and some will experience stunted growth.

What do you think, how low will the temperature drop?

Hi Mirjam,

thank you for your reply. I believe the flat will cool down to 18C.


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Hi Max,

18C will be fine for most of the species. Growth may slow down a bit, but will continue to thrive once you’re back and turn the heat on again.

Take care,