Light for the plants

LIGHT: I noticed a good while back, on my SHG, that irregular hours of light seemed to contribute to the diseased-looking leaves on my herbs. Since I have no kitchen window and my living room window gets so little sun, timers and an under-cabinet light solved that problem in that spot, and at that time.

So I wonder when, due to my own irregular sleeping hours, my kitchen and LR lights are still on—after ALL the gardens’ own lights have turned off for the night—are the plants negatively impacted? I’m asking because the leaves on the basil in SG3 #1 are definitely yellowing like the yellow bell peppers’ leaves but there are no black spots like I had in the SHGs.

If so, I can easily cover the gardens to provide the darkness they need and then remove them when I DO go to bed.

What do you think?

It largely depends on the species you grow.
For basil and chilies I don’t think it matters much.

I’m afraid the disease looking leaves are caused by something else than light pollution at night e.g. age. Some plants are sensitive to day lenght e.g. lettuce, arugula, leaf mustard, but that would lead to leggy growth, bolting and decrease in yield. Most plants should do fine.

Unless you grow cannabis, light pollution is not a threat. :slight_smile: