Plants not bearing fruit


I’ve had these bell pepper and mini tomatoe plants in the pods for over 3 months now and they barely produce any fruits. The bell pepper plant produces flowers that will just die and fall off and the tomato plant seems to just be withering away.

I had to make some modifications and move the light up as the plants were getting too high, they still get plenty of light and water.

Are those just not made to be kept in those pods once they grow out initially?

Have u been pollinating. It is very important especially when using your own light or SHG light.

Unfortunately the lamp of shg is not fully sufficient to grow fruiting plants, but is great for herbs. Though I have to mention that your plants look healthy and green and look quite normal to their age. I would give it some time and continue pollinating.

Though, shg is somewhat “older generation” garden from Click and Grow and for better experience I would recommend to upgrade either to Smart Garden 3 or 9. Those gardens allow you to raise the lamp as you need and have better led lights.

Thank you, I’m completely new at this so pollunating hadnt even occured to me :wink:

Whats the main difference from my garden and the smart garden 3? Different lighting?

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