Light shade for CG 25 stack


We’ve just received our 2x C&G 25 and I’ve stacked them up in our open kitchen- lounge. There is a lot of light bleed and I’ve got a young son who I would rather not stare at the bright lights.

Has anyone got suggestions to try and reduce the light bleed? - I was thinking some sun shade type material that is very breathable but partly light blocking I could make some panels or curtains to hang over the sides. C&G - any comment or interest in releasing these as an accessory and saving me the work :slightly_smiling_face: ?

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Maybe some cheesecloth for a nice rustic look and excellent ventilation?

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best! Appreciate the suggestion, was well on my way to massively over-thinking this. Will probably give that a try! Will use some magnets to pin it to the frame

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