Unused Openings with SG 9

I am new to the forum and to using the SG9 (bought mine used). I did a brief search for this on this forum, but did not find anything on this topic. I was wondering what people do with any unused openings. Official C&G seller on Amazon states you can put your empty cups into the opening in order to block the light from reaching the water. The official C&G sites states NOT to use the cups as doing this can affect wick longevity. They go on to say that the openings should be blocked. Nothing is suggested as to what to use. What has everyone else used to block unused openings? If what is recommended on the C&G Official Website is true, the 1st item on my wish list would be exact fitting covers for the unused openings. Using anything else would ruin the esthetics of the unit itself. Thanks.

Why have unused openings? If you are going to use electricity for the leds, why not make full use of all the holes? Seems like a waste.
If you must cover some unused openings, I am sure you could try some lids from cheese or other yoghurt pots.

Thank you for your reply Kurt. Don’t worry, I plan to fill all of the openings as often as I can. This is my 1st go at it. I was thinking, I may have some empty openings due to transplanting and/or just providing more room for splindly plants. I will say, I bought this C&G because of its esthetics (and a good review from Cooks Illustrated). I wouldn’t want to slum it up with some old yogurt lids…it’s just me. That is why my wish list to the C&G folks are made to fit lids to keep with the clean lines of the unit.

Thanks again,

From another Kurt…(actually Kurtis)