Phytosanitary Certificates to take smart garden 9 from Uk to italy

My wife bought me the smart garden 9 and we want to take to our house in Italy. Due to customs requirements do I need to get the above to get through customs?, anyone had similar?,

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Hello @Peter67

I haven’t gone through similar things but I’m sure you’ll be fine.

There should be no restrictions as the garden doesn’t qualify as goods to go through customs. It’s personal use item and there are no live plant components to declare.

But it’s worth checking with the customs before traveling, just to be sure.


Thanks Debora much appreciated

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oh the joy of customs (i am getting some stuff from the US including seeds) and that seems to be easier.

Anyhow how about an alternative approach. The garden alone is electrical equipment. There shouldn’t be any customs be involved. Just get some fresh pods in Italy.

I don’t know if amazon or any of the local postal services overs something like a parcel station in Italy. But if so, you could already order the pods and get them delivered to the station prior your arrival.