Living in Dubai - unable to get tomato seeds delivered :(

Hi all!
I’m currently living in Dubai and bought a Smart Garden 3 from the Virgin Megastore. It came with 3 pods of basil and the plants are currently looking great! Unfortunately, there aren’t many plant options for refills available here, and I really want to plan mini tomatoes and chilli peppers next. I tried ordering them online but received a message shortly after saying that I can’t have them delivered due to customs issues.

Is it possible to use my own soil and mini tomato seeds that I’ve bought locally?


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Hi @Pumpkin,

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Unfortunately, UAE customs has very specific limitations to some plant families to be imported and requires extra quality testing and paperwork. This is also something that our logistic team is working on.

Today, you can purchase Experimental plant pods and use your own selected seeds.

The current Experimental plant pod, that does not contain seeds, is suitable for mini tomato plants aswell, in contains plant food for min 4 months.