Price increases on most all products!

Has anyone else seen the email, showing all the new price raises? 30% on most 3 pack pods (veggie) and 20% on the gardens themselves.

These things were already borderline-priced for a novelty that doesn’t really produce much of anything for a real family. These are cute little pods, that are fun to grow, but cannot realistically sustain anyone or anything but a bunny. The new price increases have me getting rid of my C and G after my current plants are done.

I have unsubscribed from the company and let them know they have lost my buisness.

Anyone else sick of the price gouging? The profit margins on their products have to be huge, based off what they give you for the cost, but it still wasn’t good enough.

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Hey Greg,

Thanks for the reply and feedback.
The full changes will go live today actually so if needed you can make any decisions based on that.
One of the better options for getting new plants will still be the subscription, for example, so definitely check that out for yourself!

Thank you for the support so far!

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Hello, I had same issue but you need to understand this is a business and they do need to make money.
What I found is that you can just take normal dirt and plant seeds yourself as well.

For example I took dirt and just put 1 tiny dry pea in each hole and it is much more fun. :smiley:

90 cents for pack of peas vs 13 euros for 3x pods, do the math :sweat_smile: