Do I have a “dud” pod?

After 10 days cilantro is popping up but only on two pods. Could it be a dud? Is there a policy on refunds?

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Hi @Tesdaydreamer

Sorry to see that one pod has not sprouted. It may happen that some pods sprout a bit later than others. Just to make sure that there are seeds inside the pod, please try to open it up a little from the top, very gently, not to harm potential young seedlings.

If it turned out that this pod really is a “dud” and it does not contain seeds, please submit a ticket to the support, faulty pods fill be replaced for free.

If you have dud pods and live outside the EU you pay between €10-€15 to receive a free replacement so basically your paying for the pod the postage is €3.95 so it’s no free your best reusing if you have your own seeds I’ve had 3 dud pods. I was told this is from 1st January but I received my unit and pods at the end of January and there wasn’t any additional charges so your best reusing.